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Act of Knowing

Starts July 27

LLH Families Exclusive | P 800.00

Via Facebook Group

Open access until October 28

Act of Knowing

What is narration really? We are told that Narration is simple and true to every child’s development. It can be used in all subjects from Art to English to Science, and even Math.

In this class participants can start to understand the underlying principles behind narration, and leave motivated to practice this excellent way of learning. Several immersion exercises will be conducted to help participants experience and comprehend better how to prepare a reading, how to be the main narrator of the text, and how to engage the child further in the text.

Class Structure

This LLH-EXCLUSIVE CLASS will be conducted via Facebook Group. The link to the FB Group will be provided to you when your booking is confirmed. You may register to be added in the group immediately after receiving the confirmation email, but please wait to be added when the page is ready or on the first day of class.

There will be several pre-recorded videos (roughly 30 minutes to one hour each) with subsequent homework. A new video will be uploaded each day and should be viewed in sequence. A live Q&A will happen on the 5th day of the class, the date of which will be announced in the FB Group. You may choose to view the videos and answer the exercises at a time convenient for you. Access to the FB Group is granted to participants until October 28.

How to Join

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Narration: Act of Knowing
Date(s) - July 27, 2022 - October 28, 2022
All Day

Bookings are closed for this event.

Home 9 LLH Classes 9 Narration: Act of Knowing
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